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Add Real-Time Syncing

If I'm understanding correctly, the syncing between accounts is a once and done? e.g., I synced (two-way) a Dropbox folder with a Google Drive folder...but these folders won't continue to update when the files change unless I run the task again or schedule it, correct? And three times daily isn't frequently enough.



  • I would use this tool if it had real time syncing from Google Drive to AWS S3

  • hope to see this feature.  btw does the team has an update list that can show us what new features are updated

  • Is there an update to this question?
  • Hello Chris999,

    Thank you for contacting MultCloud. I just finished reading your post and appreciate your taking the time to share your concerns with us.

    Real Time Sync will update it instantly unless you stop the task. The two way sync is supposed to sync ex: new files from google drive to dropbox, and any new files dropbox to google drive.

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