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When Managing Multiple Enterprise Clouds, Seedboxes And File Shares from popular services, transferring files and folders wouldn't be any easier. We run multiple cloud accounts, like Google Workspace, Office 365 Cloud, And FTP Shares, Moving files and folders anywhere is a task that we do often, and sorting all of the clouds to make sure important files stayed important. It's harder to re-upload each directory as our bandwidth takes up limited resources, like maximum transfer speed, disk speed, device CPU/RAM and the usage of CLI Tools is very hard to use for a graphical familiar user. As local storage is getting more expensive aside from the supply chain issues and it's not in a central place, we need to find a reliable solution to move files from our local storage into the cloud and making sure that it is accessible when we need it to. We also need to move files from cloud to cloud, making sure all of the folders in the clouds goes to their respective locations. So far, we have used MultCloud to move 29TB of data already, as indicated on my dashboard, and we have plans to move more in the future.


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