Failed to list files with MEGA and Baidu

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It was working fine yesterday but now the list of files doesn't appear and shows an error "Failed to list files, you could try to edit the cloud drive or re-add it to MultCloud" 

Any fix to this? I already removed and readded the cloud but it still deosn't work.


  • Hello, I have the same problem with MEGA since the day I made my account about 1 month ago... Any way to make the Mega account(s) work? It's the major use I would do with Multicloud... Managing MEGA... But it always says that error...

  • Soryy but it's still not working I already cleaned the rubbish bin and removed and re added the drive but it's still not working :(

  • found a way to fix it

  • teltel
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    It is actually working fine now.. I have two MEGA drives both has the same problem. For the frist drive I log in to my MEGA account to their site and when I moved the recently added files(2+ gb) directly into a new folder it started wroking again. For the second drive it started working again after I deleted the new files(1+gb) that I uploaded using MEGA sync.

    Seems like it will screw up the drive If upload directly using MEGA so I uploaded my new files through Multicloud.

  • i have the same problem "Failed to list files, you could try to edit the cloud drive or re-add it to MultCloud" .how can i fixit? thanks

  • I have the same problem. Any solution? Unable to up to Mega

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