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-- MultCloud Roadmap - Dec 2023 --

Thank you to all that have supported MultCloud, and we look forward to the festive holidays! Each Year comes with challenges, and honoring our past, while reaching for the future.

Issues/Suggestions to be addressed by the Dev Team:
Adding emails by IMAP/POP/RoundCube etc
OneDrive for Business & Access Organization - "Please try again later or re-add cloud to MultCloud"
Transfer from Other Clouds to Box Efficiently 
Add more tutorials (maybe I can write them)
|_ Tutorial for sub account creation (updated)
Add SSO to replace manual login and handle 3rd party providers, like Auth0.
*List still in Progress*


  • edited December 2023
    @Jnsystems, "Fixing OneDrive Business Account System"---Could you explain the issues further?
    "Add more tutorials"---Please check the help documents: https://www.multcloud.com/help/ . You can inform us of any missing tutorials that need to be supplemented here.
  • Please please please fix the Flickr API :)
  • Please repair/fix the flickr integration. It has been too long since this has been broken. For me this was the reason to sign up with your service.
    If flickr are so concerned about the load your service is generating, I would be content with a throttling of download requests per day. As long as my photos do get copied over. Say, max 100 per day or even 10 would still do in many of my personal demands. And no parallel threads even. 
  • We have fixed Flickr issue. Please check.
  • website is down  over 24 hours login just keeps looping back to home page not acceptable for a service my law firm pays for. ZERO SUPPORT!!!!
  • @Samex, Sorry for the inconvenience. We have fixed the issue. Please try to login again.
  • Feature request: allow changing the Amazon S3 storage class
  • @Sanur, Could you explain your suggestion further?
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