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Error while adding Flickr drive to MultCloud.

I first added Flickr, but it didn't load any items there.
So I decided to re-add it to MultCloud But now I am getting an error on the Flickr Site, saying, "Oops! Flickr doesn't recognise
the API key this application is trying to use."
It seems like when the first time I allowed Flickr to manage items and all of that it was working, but now when I try to redirect from
MuttCloud to Flickr I am getting this error. I even closed the account linking in the Flickr settings. It seems like nothing helps. I was
even thinking of deleting MultCloud and registering once again.

Plus about Yandex, I quite didn't understand how to add it If anyone has an advanced guide on how to do that, I'd appreciate that.


  • @Lennypai, Our technician is contacting Flickr to solve the problem. Once there is any progress, we will tell you immediately.
  • Can you help provide an update, please? Thanks in advance.
  • @Jfm3, It might need more time for the problem. Our technician is contacting Flicker to apply for a new API.
  • You should update your Flickr page to say this isn't available right now.  I just purchased a license for MultCloud based on the ability to sync from Flickr.  I'll be requesting a refund if this is not going to be available soon.  Thank you.
  • I too have a major issue here with flickr not working any more. 
    Can you please have a look into this? 
    Especially after the summer holidays there are many pictures waiting to be safely copied/back-upped! 
  • Any progress of this issue? I can not connect to Flickr either. Please help on this, or keep us updated of the progress. Thank you.
  • I am also having the same problem, and as with others signed up to a paid account for this specific service!!
    Money back time I think... very frustrating!!
  • Same problem here...
  • More than 1 month to fix an API issue? No interim support update messages? 
    It's not that flickr is an obscure service that nobody cares about... 
    This surely has an impact on satisfaction for paying customers.
  • Same problem here, any update?
  • Admin team, please provide an update. Thanks in advance.
  • Hey. I cannot access flickr and this problem is not new! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SOLVE IT? 


  • Sorry for all the inconvenience, 
    Previously because users using Flickr had more requests, resulting in Flickr temporarily shutting down our interface, 
    We have now in accordance with Flickr's instructions, optimized the code, and we are currently applying for a new API from Flickr. 
    Flickr replied that they will take the end of October to complete all legal matters. So we may be able to use the new Flickr's API until the end of October.
    Hope you can understand.
  • Plus one here. Transferring from Flickr is a deal-breaker for me!
  • Here, too
    At least you should notify this situation before I make the subscription.
  • 1/ I already have an account - why did I have to create a whole new one just to log into this forum?
    2/ And then just so I can say that I only joined up to transfer Flickr Photos - glad I didn't pay up front for anything.

    Bye then - I'm off to find another way.
  • (Jeeez) Thanks for your suggestion, I would take this up to the MultCloud Team and see if it is possible, I done that with my own sites, but It would definitly be great once MultCloud Implement SSO so Google Accounts and Manual Sign In can be linked together, even with this forum.

    I believe Flickr controls API access and how many photos we can access at once, and due to their rate limits, they can limit how many photos a single user can download within a given time. This complicates things further with bot checks and proof of work, not to mention captchas.
    If you do find a working solution or a manual script that does work, you can let us know so we can see if we can get it working again.

    (Kyber) MultCloud is currently working on a fix and reapplying for API Access, and hopefully get it working in the upcoming months. If we are just scraping from a web dashboard from a live cloud computer, we would just be more limited and take longer to complete a task, as due to their rate limits, they can limit how many photos a single user can download within a given time. This complicates things further with bot checks and proof of work, not to mention captchas.

    Hope this helps, and please be patient, so the dev team can get it up and running.
  • Flickr still does not work!! I am so glad I tested this with a free account! I need this service to transfer Flickr photos. If you cannot do this you need to stop wasting people's time by advertising that you can do it. What a giant waste of my time.
  • We have received the latest response from Flicker that they no longer provide API services. Therefore, our developers are researching other ways to integrate Flicker. This will take some time to complete.
  • I (and everyone else coming to this thread) would appreciate a message indicating there is no ability to add Flickr to MultCloud. It would actually be better if you just removed Flickr from the list and put it back on when/if this issue ever gets resolved.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your suggestion, The Dev team will look into the inquiry and respond further.

  • We have received a response from Flickr that they are currently no longer providing API Therefore, MultCloud is currently unable to add Flickr. Our developers are currently trying to integrate Flickr through other ways, but this will take some time (it expected to be completed by March 2024). 
  • Looking forward to this. Please provide an update when you can. Thanks!
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