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Few Tasks Not Syncing on Schedule or even Manual

I am experiencing issues with Syncing some specific Tasks not syncing for 4 5 days, and even after pressing the Re-syncing button, it keeps on waiting, pls note that I have created another task for the same drive but it still keeps saying Waiting and stuck on Files Processed: 2/57491. Pls note that this task was running fine till last week


  • I experience the same issues syncing from Google Drive to OneDrive. Scheduling is ignored, and tasks hang with "Waiting". I have two accounts, on both it is the same.
  • Hi, 
    Sometimes that happens, maybe the server is under heavy load, but try restarting the task, if that doesn't work, try to recreate the task.
  • I have had the same problem. I tried restarting the task and recreating the task. I also tried changing the position, i.e., first, Google Drive to OneDrive, then OneDrive to Google Drive. A screenshot of the Options I selected (no filters) is below, followed by screenshots of Task status. (I cancelled Task 1 before launching Task 2).

  • Since posting, I also tried Realtime Sync, after over 60 hours it's still running. 

  • @Mdwpsyd We have fixed the problem. Please try to cancel it and then run again.
    And, for the real-time syncing task, please check if your data has been synced. Real-time will keep running to check the change of source at any time.
  • Right you are--thanks!

    Start Time:2023-02-17 08:45:19
    End Time:2023-02-17 11:03:25
    Sync: Google Drive
    With: OneDrive
    Result: Success
    Files Processed: Add[13] Update[408] Delete[195]
    Data Processed: 186.51MB/39.35GB
    Created at: 2023-02-16 20:47:23
    Last Sync: 2023-02-17 11:03:25
    Avg.Rate: 23.04KB/s
    Executed times:2
    Success in transferring all files
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