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slow email support response and torrent take forever to download

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(1) I cannot do any remote upload in new UI where it take forever to error like this :

language.exception.lockContentionFail close:

already email support (#293185) but for a few days no answer (extremely slow response)
old ui, still works if u remote upload ....

(2) why torrent take forever to download (0% after 24 hour), try with other service, download immediately after add, I need  refund if this not work

(3) how to batch remote upload multiple links


  • edited February 2023
    Hi Man22,
    1. Make sure it is not a file share or protected link like 1ficher, it has to be a direct URL.
    2. You need seeders to seed the torrent, but PM me directly so I can check on my end.
    3. Try separating with commas, link1, link2, etc.

    I don't have access to the ticket system, only the forum here.
    Hope that helps,
  • @Man22, We checked the email. Our colleague had replied to you. The problem has been solved.
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