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New feature suggestion - local desktop/server app to accelerate sync

I don't know if it is possible, but I wonder whether we could have the option of running a sync service on our local hardware that uses our internet connection to sync in parallel with MultCloud. The local service would need to sync its internal state with the MultCloud service, but this would then allow potentially accelerated transfers and comparisons.

Additionally, this could mean that the service is more robust, because the sync could be done either locally or in the cloud, or both together.

This could also mean that MultCloud now has a local copy of the data to reference on at least one side of the cloud sync, which would be faster and less resource intensive. A practical example of this would be as follows:

I am currently syncing Google Drive with Google Photos, and if I had a local service installed it would be able to reference the data that I have locally that is already synced with Google Drive via the Google Backup and Sync client program. This would result in MultCloud only needing to download and compare the data from Google Photos, and not both services.


  • Hi,
    This looks like a cool idea, but moreover to add to that, what happens when we can have a Windows MultCloud Service (Like Salad Mining *salad.com*) instead of mining crypto, it uses their internet connection to work on other people's tasks, sync, transfers, etc to improve transfer speeds for everyone. Therefore even if the server has to handle TB of data, other user's bandwidth is used to delegate the tasks to make transfers available to everyone that needs it. The Service should also be able to run in parallel with Google Sync Client Program if needed.
    If we take this route, It's recommended to have the Windows MultCloud Service after setup, to not display any notifications if set, (stealth mode) and only uses an API Key to link to host account.
    This is a lot to ask for, but if this is implemented this can drastically reduce server load and increase transfer speeds and bandwidth as it is decentralized.
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