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Google Workplace Drive (doc sheet presentation) Export / Convert To MS Office 365 (docx xlsx pptx)

Hi, I've had mixed results when copying files and folders, and I'm not really sure what is making the difference.

Sometimes when I copy files from Google to Microsoft (SharePoint or OneDrive) it converts the Google Workplace Docs / Sheets / Presentations to Microsoft Office Word Document / Excel Spreadsheets / PowerPoint Presentations, in the most recent docx / xlsx / pptx formats.

Whilst it's lovely when it happens, and what I'd prefer it to do, I've seemingly got no control about when it happens.

Is there an option somewhere which handles this, or does it happen for particular types of transfers?

This has been experienced on 'Copy to' cloud actions initiated from Personal Google Drive folders to SharePoint folders, and OneDrive folders. The folders have been tiny with few files and massive folders with many files, some large. Sometimes it will convert with a tiny folder, and sometimes not, and sometimes it will convert with a massive folders, and sometimes not.

How can I make it convert these files every time?

(I know that there's a 10mb limit on the Google Drive API export call, but this hasn't been a limiting factor in the files that have been exported)


  • @Eliotcole, Generally, the google documents will be converted when you transfer them to SharePoint or OneDrive.
    Did you mean that some documents haven't been converted? What status are they? Could you take a screenshot so that we check?
  • See I'm not going to create a job for each transfer, I will use the file browser, then copy a folder across.

    Sometimes (I don't need to show a screenshot of this) it will convert the files and sometimes it will not.

    I will be honest, though, in the past day or two it has been fine, and has been exporting / converting them OK, but it's the fact that it didn't before which has bugged me. How can I be sure that some files 10 folders deep have been converted or not?
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