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Destination Dependent File Renaming #suggestion

This one is relatively brief, but there's a lot of errors given when filenames are incompatible with the destination.

I've written my own Power Automate, and JavaScript, solutions to bad filenames, which can readily ensure that my copying mechanisms don't fail.

I would say that if you provide a few options to users, with some relatively simple back-end code, you could provide far less errors with transfers. For example:
  1. Option to zip then transfer badly named folders
  2. Option to append a stock phrase '-system'/'(system)' or a user created phrase to system folders (COM, etc) when attempting copy/move actions to make them valid
  3. Similar options to the above for file extensions that are not valid
  4. For files and folders with invalid character, the option to replace those characters with a valid one in the destination resource

This is all just off the top of my head, or remembering things that I've done, it's in no-way exhaustive.

Hope that it can be of assistance to a better future!


  • @Eliotcole. For transfer task, it has the option "Automatically rename the files which contain special characters and generate a script file".
  • Hi, unfortunately this is not an option when using the file browser, which is almost 100% of how I perform all of my transfers.

    Like with the detailed reporting, if I've been able to affect this myself on limited resources, I reckon that it should be doable for you guys in a future version of the service.
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