Can't get owncloud 8.2.2 to link in

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It's all in the subject. Managed to get owncloud 8.2.2 setup, all working on the Internet, but multcloud still won't connect to it although WebDAV URL gives a valid response in other WebDAV apps.


  • I have the same issue but now with version 10.0.10-2018-09-07. I can logon to my Owncloud from other compouters using

    According to the web interface settings (bottom left) my Webdav address is:

    I then use the following for my webdav settings when I add Owncloud on the Multcloud web application (advanced (Path Optional):

    /remote.php/dav/files/gert/  (not sure if this is correct?  The default is: /remote.php/webdav/ which also does not work)

    I use the exact same login name and password for normal login when I add Owncloud in Multcloud.

    It takes a long time but does not link/add.

    Any hints?
    Gert Kruger

  • I think I found the potential problem.  My institution may have a firewall block.  So I can access the Owncloud URL from within the organization, but not from outside.  Will report back after I have been able to open the firewall.
  • @[email protected], please email us with the authorization information so our developers can test it.
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