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trasnfer log

Can the transfer log list the URLs of the files transfer?
or is it possible to list URLs of files in a directory tree including a timestamp?


  • @MikeCT Did you use MultCloud to remote upload files from links to Cloud? Sorry that there is no URLs list. You need to check URL link of every file individually.
  • This is why I was making the suggestion before, with respect to @MikeCT I believe what they're trying to say is that they need to know what is being transferred because it's not obvious what *has* been transferred.

    I've performed "Copy to" actions where not everything has transferred, but it has reported successful, and also copies that ended with failures but on inspection had everything there. If we can check then at least we can ensure that we get the missing files. 👍

    Hope that you understand that we are not insulting the service, we like it here! :) I even bought a lifetime subscription! However it's hard to use for professional circumstances if we cannot trust what we see on the screen.
  • @Eliotcole, Maybe you can use Cloud Transfer or Sync feature to copy your files. If it fails, it will record the failed files under Logs. You can view logs to check failed files list.
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