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Cant sign in using Firefox (google sign in)

I am trying to Sign in using Firefox (using the Google sign in option). Tried EVERYTHING but keeps getting stuck in a loop and site doesn't load after log in.

Chrome works fine

I tried Clearing cache, using new private window etc etc, but its simply not working!

Is ther any way I can link my email address to a normal sign up?


  • Hi,
    I have checked the issue on my end and looks like it does exist.
    Please try another browser, for example, Chrome and see if it works.
    Accounts signed in to MultCloud and Oauth2 are not linked together currently.
    So therefore, it's not possible currently to link your email address to a normal sign up, however, you can create a manual account through the sign up function.

  • @Hdaackdas, Our technician is fixing the problem.
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