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Block Download

I have a suggestion… Is it not possible to add the feature ‘Block download’ to the shared files or folders ?
In that way, you can share a document, but the reader can not download this.

What do you think about that ? It is available in some cloudes. (OneDrive for example)


  • @Luc, Thanks for your suggestion. We will record and submit it to our dev team.
  • Hi @Luc,
    Thanks for your suggestion, Multcloud will decide if they wanted to add the Block Downloads to the documents, but it is just like DRM, when, for example on an e book, any part of the e book downloaded to the user device, they can screenshot the entire ebook and convert it to a pdf format and circumvent their protection, adding a block download like google drive is a good upcoming feature, but understand that it only keeps honest people honest. For example, anyone can rip netflix movies or onlyfans movies by using something like tubedigger or another software, bypassing any DRM that is present on their screen. In short, if any content is downloaded to the user device, it can be copied. 
    In order to show the document, it has to be downloaded, just like all browsers do when loading a webpage or document. Hope you understand.

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