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Update Sync

I do not unterstand the function of the Update Sync:

I found following explanations and example:

  • Update Sync: This sync feature will delete the target directory first, then sync your source directory to it.

  • If you are using Update Sync method sync from Google Drive\A to Dropbox\B. When the update sync run for the first time.A: 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt,4.txt remain unchanged
    B: 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt,4.txt(updated),5.txt,6.txt,7.txt
    Second time:if deleted 1.txt, modified 2.txt, added 8.txt to the A folder. Result is as follows:
    A: 2.txt(modified), 3.txt, 4.txt, 8.txt
    B: 2.txt(modified), 4.txt,5.txt,6.txt,7.txt, 8.txt

My question to understand the example and the function:

If the update sync deletes the target directory first, why to the files 5.txt,6.txt,7.txt  remain in Dropbox\B? 

Can someone maybe explain. Or is the example wrong?
Thank you, 



  • edited December 2021
    Hi Tanja,
    This isn't supposed to happen, but Dropbox API handler is having some issues, maybe it is Dropbox Ransom ware protection that prevents files being deleted in batch, but Update Sync will first clear out the target directory than move the updated Source contents into the Destination.
    Hope that helps,
  • Dear @Jnsystems

    thanks again for your fast support. 
    The example was taken from the official explanations on 

    I read it to understand the differences - and did not understand the described result example

  • @Tanja108, As for update sync, when you run the sync for the first time, it will sync all files from the source to the destination. When you run the update sync task for the second time, it will delete all files under the destination, then sync the new, changed files from source to destination.
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