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Cumulative Sync

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I do not unterstand the function of the Cumulative Sync:

I found following explanations and example:

  • Cumulative Sync: When you need to delete the files in the source directory, and want to deleted the same files on the target directory, you may select this method.

If you are using Cumulative Sync method sync from Google Drive\A to Dropbox\B.
  • When the cumulative sync run for the first time. 
    A: 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt,4.txt remain unchanged
    B: 1.txt,2.txt,3.txt,4.txt(updated),5.txt,6.txt,7.txt
  • Second time:
    if deleted 1.txt, modified 2.txt, added 8.txt to the A folder.
    Result is as follows:
    A: 2.txt(modified), 3.txt, 4.txt, 8.txt
    B: 1.txt, 2.txt(updated), 3.txt, 4.txt, 8.txt

My question to understand the example and the function:

In the example's first synchronisation it seems  5.txt,6.txt,7.txt have been in Dropbox\B before and they stay untouched. 

In the second synchronisation 5.txt,6.txt,7.txt  get deleted. Why? 
In the second synchronisation 1.txt remains, even though it got deleted on Google Drive\A. Why ? 

Can someone maybe explain. Or is the example wrong?
Thank you, 



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    Cumulative Sync should be used to replicate the same results on the source and the destinations,
    where any changes are made to the sources are replicated to the destination. If Folders/Files are deleted at the source, it will reflect on the destination, (Where the target will match the source on each sync.

    I don't know how you got those results but the task probably F'ed up, try doing the task again if needed. In my case, where I already transferred 29TB worth of data in my lifespan of my MultCloud Account, I usually use Transfer only, And Normal Sync For Yandex to Google Drive, on a schedule.

    Also If someone is transferring too much stuff (or added up) into Google Drive at one timeframe, MultCloud (like any other services) will eventually hit an automatic wall forcing the files to be stuck at very slow speeds for a while but it could also means their servers are very slow at processing the tasks, not hitting the "Great Wall Of Google" but bandwidth is already a limited resources so I do take what I can get.
  • Thank you for the explanation.

    It was not me getting this results. I copied the explanations from the official page, which I read when I was trying to understand the differences



    If you are mainly using transfers, how are you avoiding that files will be  transferred double? 

    I thought transfer is there to bring from A to B  - without checking, which files are already at the destination.

    And synch for synchronizing the data? 

    Thank you 
  • @Tanja108, As for Cumulative Sync, when you run the sync task for the first time, it will sync all files from the source to the destination. When you run the cumulative sync for the second time, it will sync new and changed files to the destination.  But, if you delete files from the source, it will not delete them from the destination.
  • Thank you ???

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