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Where are New Discussion drafts saved?

Hi MultiClouders. I'm new to MultiCloud and the forum so if I ask a stupid question or one that's already been answered please be gentle.

My first question is where are New Discussion drafts saved?  I've attempted to save a couple but can't seem to find them, so I start over.

Thank you..


  • Hi @grwren ,

    If you press this button, the draft will save so you can continue writing later. If you head back to the same page, you can find the saved draft of discussion.

    Hope that helps,
  • Hi Jnsystems and thanks for the response. 

    I think I understand now.  I was trying to save a draft of a New Discusson question I wanted to ask (i.e. like this one).  Apparently in that situation you can not save a draft or if it does I couldn't find it.  However, in this type of situation, when responding to a question or comment, it does allow you to save a draft that you can return too.

    Thanks again.
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