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Failed Files - moving .gdoc from Dropbox to Google Drive

I am testing out the cloud transfer and encounter the above message when bringing one file from Dropbox to Google Drive - Cause: Exception in 2/files/download: "other"

What is the best way to resolve this? Additionally, has anyone had success with moving Google files that are saved in Dropbox back to Google Drive? It appears to be an issue. Thank you


  • edited July 2021
    Hi @klalka
    Thanks for contacting us,
    We are looking into this issue, but meanwhile, can you tell us the two file names that were causing the issue.
    A screenshot would be helpful.
    And make sure you check the special characters renamed and saved into script file.
    Edit: MultCloud doesn't know how to move a gdoc back to google drive at this time because dropbox treats it as a document. We will investigate further into this issue.

  • @Klalka, According to the error, it seems that dropbox doesn't allow to download the file. You can check if you can download the file from the dropbox official site.
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