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Remote Upload to google drive not working

Remote Upload to google drive not working!
Please fix it thanks,



  • edited May 2021
    Hi @Jimtechs
    I checked the URL and the file does not exist on the server when I Checked it at the time of this posting.
  • @Jimtechs, could you try again? Please clear the cache of your browser in advance.
  • The problem is only if i try to remote upload from that website https://moddroid.com/
    other site are working and that one use to work before but recently after your update it's stop working

  • Hi @Jimtechs ,

    This site does not allow downloads from remote downloads, and we have raised this issue to the development team to add servers to resolve this issue. (Suggestion 9, 20.) 
    The development process is slow because of the amount of suggestions/bugs raised.
    Hope this helps,

  • @Jimtechs, "one use to work before but recently after your update it's stop working"---Did you mean that it can work on the classic MultCloud?
    Generally, MultCloud only can remote upload file from a direct download link. https://moddroid.com/ is a website, MultCloud can't remote upload it.
  • ^ Well, He is referring to the files on the website, like https://files.moddroid.com/Crypto%20Idle%20Miner/crypto-idle-miner_1.7.0-mod.apk how he can't use MultCloud Remote Upload to save it directly to his cloud, but the website moddroid, blocked remote download and force people to use the browser, as demonstrated above the image.
  • @Jnsystems, Thanks for your explanation. We have submitted the problem to our dev team to check further.
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