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Add Support For TeraBox (DU BOX)

I want terabox support in mult cloud.


  • @Imashar, We will submit your suggestion to our dev team.
  • terabox.com support please
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    HI @sezer ,
    Terabox doesn't have an API key/Oauth for MultCloud to move files around or transfer any files. Even if they do,

    These kinds of storage providers often have issues, including:

    • slow transfer speeds

    • unreliable service

    • no privacy protection

    • low security

    • sudden data loss

    • no API support

    • buggy application

    • sudden reduction in drive volume

    So if you are using these free providers, I would advise moving your important data to another reputable service.
    Once the Terabox drive create an API, if any, the development team will be advised of your suggestion.

    Thank you for your suggestion, this will be submitted to our development team to see if they can add these types of clouds in the future.

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    i was looking for terabox support in multicloud but didnt find anything .
    anything new on this topic......
    i found something -https://github.com/topics/terabox
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