Extremely slow transfer rate

I'm doing one transfer between 2 Gdrive and it's getting at ... 1Kb/s even if I have already suscribed to the 19$ option for 10 files at the same time.
What's wrong please?


  • Here is the screenshot
  • @Ydp, did you run the plan before you subscribe to the service? Please cancel it and then run the task again.
  • Yes I ran the plan before to start
  • I've stopped and re-started. Check the result :-(
    It's "better" but still very slow !

  • and it's getting slower and slower. Please do something. It looks like it' is working with 1 computer in your garage

  • @Ydp, As for the speed, a lot of factors should be taken into account, like the size of your files, the type of your files, the number of the files, the type of your clouds, the API restrictions of the cloud providers to third-party services like MultCloud, and so on. For example, if the big size folder you transferred has too many and too small files, then it would take much time to count these files. Actually, you can see the changes of the files number to measure the speed.
  • Thanks but the provider is Google on both sides and even if there are a lot of files to transfer, less than 2MB doesnt seems realistic and profesional to me.
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