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[Suggestion] Tree / Explorer Style View in New MultCloud

Hi, one of the main reasons for using MultCloud is that it enables one to operate with a tree view on the left, allowing you to easily jump to points in other drive, quickly.

This is something that even the major operators don't do, and really is a selling point of the service, for me.

However, looking beyond simple aesthetics, it's useful because of the above reason. I can have the FTP open at a particular folder, browse to a few other folders in G-Drive and DropBox, then come back to the same place and continue.

The new interface unfortunately does away with that completely. If there's a way of enabling it again, though, I couldn't see a settings option, unfortunately.

I am definitely up for an updated look and feel, if you're adding functionality. You guys have done such great work so far!

Unfortunately, I couldn't see any additional functionality in the new view. Is it being developed to build a better future for a web app/app of some kind?

As always, not sent with any anger, just letting you know that it was a key part of using the system. :-)

Keep up the good work!



  • @Eliotcole, Thanks for your suggestion. We will submit it to our dev team.
  • Hey, folks, just coming back to this one, as it's more and more becoming hard to navigate complex folder structures.

    If you are in one drive, then tap through to another to check there, and back to the first location, you have to navigate through all again.
  • @Eliotcole, Sorry that we don't quite understand the problem or suggestion. Could you explain it further?
  • The old GUI of Multcloud (still accessible - but it seems buggy) allowed me to expand the folder tree of different cloud drives, etc. I could then easily navigate back and forth between drives.

    Now one has to do a full navigation every time you switch drives. Can we have an option to have a 'tree' view (like old multcloud) for navigation and file transfers?
  • @Eliotcole, We will submit the suggestion to our dev team.
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