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[Suggestion] Tree / Explorer Style View in New MultCloud

Hi, one of the main reasons for using MultCloud is that it enables one to operate with a tree view on the left, allowing you to easily jump to points in other drive, quickly.

This is something that even the major operators don't do, and really is a selling point of the service, for me.

However, looking beyond simple aesthetics, it's useful because of the above reason. I can have the FTP open at a particular folder, browse to a few other folders in G-Drive and DropBox, then come back to the same place and continue.

The new interface unfortunately does away with that completely. If there's a way of enabling it again, though, I couldn't see a settings option, unfortunately.

I am definitely up for an updated look and feel, if you're adding functionality. You guys have done such great work so far!

Unfortunately, I couldn't see any additional functionality in the new view. Is it being developed to build a better future for a web app/app of some kind?

As always, not sent with any anger, just letting you know that it was a key part of using the system. :-)

Keep up the good work!



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