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Extreme Slowness - Much Slower Than Usual

edited February 2020 in Seek Help
Hiya, I'm not expecting anything, for free, but I thought I'd make a note here that the service is *really* dragging. This is on FTP to GDrive, Dropbox to GDrive, file server to GDrive.

I've also tested file server to Dropbox, to disprove issues with Google Drive, same lag.

I'm *well* under the 30 GB transfer, and I'm looking at single process transfers of aroun 15-20mb on average.

What's worse, I'm now getting a complete stop on transfers from a second dropbox account. The 'Detailed' screen shows everything as unfinished, and the errors list is empty.

Is everything OK?

I *can* download from an FTP service (and I assume others) so that functionality seems to be working. (but it did cut out)


  • It seems like service has just restored, files are just about moving across from FTP now.

    I did the rest manually.
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