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Failed to list files on FTP

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I'm having problems trying to link a FTP account to MultCloud. Not sure if this matters but it's a MCProHosting server. I can connect via other methods but not with MultCloud.

"Failed to list files, you could try to remove the cloud drive and re-add it to MultCloud."


  • I have also the same error message using Adrive as ftp server. the details of my post is http://forum.multcloud.com/discussion/42/new-cloud-support-for-adrive/p1?post#Form_Body

  • Same error for me... image

  • Same here. Why no answers to this problem ????

  • As regards the issue,maybe it's because "Explicit ... FTP over TLS".Multcloud don't take into account TLS when add FTP.

  • Maybe can try the following method :

    Plain FTP: Please use "FTP"


    Require explicit FTP over TLS: Please use "FTPS"


  • "Failed to list files, you could try to remove the cloud drive and re-add it to MultCloud."

    About the issue, the developers have fixed it. So you can re-add your FTP and see the files list.

  • Thanks for the fix, working fine now :)

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    I cant connect on FTP with implicit TLS. I put FTPS and port 990 (which works in Filezilla) but it won't work on Multcloud. I get o error message. IT just keep saying "Connecting".

    Is there any reason for that?

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    I can connect with FTPS to my server , after connecting no files are shown.

    If I try create a directory, it is created but then dissapears.

    Login with filezilla and directory is there.

    If I try connecting as ftps//:ip:port/home/username/folder etc I can error 553 permission denied.

    Log in via console and I gave chown -R ftpuser:ftpuser /home/username

    But still 553 error

    Any ideas?

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