Main Threads:What speeds can I expect with premium?
  • Hello,

    I am currently trying the free service for syncing my ftp to google drive.

    But the speed is very slow at about 240 Kb/s, I know that my ftp is able to upload at 1000mbit. Will multcloud reach this speed? If not, what speeds can I expect?

  • I am sorry that I can not give you a clear reply as many factors should be taken into account,like file size,file number,the limitation of your clouds and so on.However,for free account,you can only get 2 threads,for premium account,you can get 10 threads.Generally speaking,it is faster than free account.

  • file number: 1

    file size: 100gb

    google drive

  • For single file,your file is a bit large so it takes time to transfer.

  • Hi there, I'm sorry to hijack your thread but I just want to know if the internet speed really does affect the transfer speed. I thought that everything's done on Multcloud's server and the transfer doesn't require our internet connection at all. 


  • Yes,as long as your task starts,MultCloud would not use your Internet speed.

  • SO  Just using two cloud based storage apps , dropbox and google drive , you must be able to give an idea of the speeds to be expected if you want me to upgrade,let make a hypethetical situation , Lets say for example I am ->

    Transfering , 3 GB.  video file in mpeg1   format from drop box to google drive ,

     How long will it take ?

     With upgraded version ?,

     And then free version, ?

     The free version doesnt seem any faster than uploading from my hard drive .,, if you dont have a specific answer give me a ball park  answer,,,,an estimation ,,,, and then I can decide on the upgrade ,, thank you for your time , I think this app has great possibiliteys , but im a cautious consumer ,

  • I am really sorry that I do not know the accurate speed,someone may experience 10-20M/s,while some others can only experience 100KB-500KB/s,so it's hard for me to give you a clear reply as speed is changeable.

  • Since the admin could not give us any real information I had to buy a premium account to try for myself.

    My results:

    FTP Server which sits on a dedicated 1Gbit Connection to Google drive: ~800 kbit/s

    Google Drive to Dropox: ~1,7 Mb/s

    These speed are ridiculously slow. I dont recommend the service!

  • You know every cloud more or less has it's limit so its a bit hard for MultCloud to fully manage those clouds.So every cloud's speed is different.What we can do is try our best to enhance it's stability so our user can benifit from it.

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