What speeds can I expect with premium?

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I am currently trying the free service for syncing my ftp to google drive.

But the speed is very slow at about 240 Kb/s, I know that my ftp is able to upload at 1000mbit. Will multcloud reach this speed? If not, what speeds can I expect?


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    file size: 100gb

    google drive

  • Hi there, I'm sorry to hijack your thread but I just want to know if the internet speed really does affect the transfer speed. I thought that everything's done on Multcloud's server and the transfer doesn't require our internet connection at all. 


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    SO  Just using two cloud based storage apps , dropbox and google drive , you must be able to give an idea of the speeds to be expected if you want me to upgrade,let make a hypethetical situation , Lets say for example I am ->

    Transfering , 3 GB.  video file in mpeg1   format from drop box to google drive ,

     How long will it take ?

     With upgraded version ?,

     And then free version, ?

     The free version doesnt seem any faster than uploading from my hard drive .,, if you dont have a specific answer give me a ball park  answer,,,,an estimation ,,,, and then I can decide on the upgrade ,, thank you for your time , I think this app has great possibiliteys , but im a cautious consumer ,

  • Since the admin could not give us any real information I had to buy a premium account to try for myself.

    My results:

    FTP Server which sits on a dedicated 1Gbit Connection to Google drive: ~800 kbit/s

    Google Drive to Dropox: ~1,7 Mb/s

    These speed are ridiculously slow. I dont recommend the service!

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