two Onedrive accounts

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I want to copy some files from one OneDrive account to another. Both of them are private. I success to add an account, giving the Microsoft Live's login and password. I see my folders and files. So far so good. But when I'm adding the second account, the app does not suggest me to provide login/password of it and just adds the first account again.

What I do not right? 


  • Same issue here.  2 OneDrive accounts and MultCloud won't let you add a second, or alter the existing one.

  • I was able to get the second login easily enough, but my issue and wondering if anyone else had this.  My second account is an office 365 account business becuase it is through the school.  When I am directed to the login site my first account a regular Office 2016 account it works great, but my second account since its Office 365 it seems to have a different login URL.   Anyone have this issue and figure out a solution?  Thanks!

  • Hello, same problem here of not correct loading 4 dropbox accounts with different names and content. The script and popup screens Google uses for their drives to connect to Multcloud seems to do the job perfectly. Microsoft OneDrive also not connecting in a right way. Some development work ahead I would say to simplify and connect the process in a correct way. I am using iPad Air 2 to connect but when I want to delete a wrongly connected Cloud, then the options of adding, renaming or deleting are not available as drop down.

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