Can't copy to/from SFTP

Hello, since the last update (3.0.0) I am not able to transfer files from and to my SFTP server.

I can browse the directory tree and I see all the files correctly, but once I try and copy one I get this error:

The following files are unable to be transferred:

My login name and password are correct

I tryed and recreated my sftp account several times ( with and without sftp:// prefix ) and I get the same error.

Befor the last uptate, everything worked smoothly.


  • Could you use "copy to" to copy the WWW.YTS.RE.jpg? Maybe you can try it.

  • I have also had difficulty with any file transfers involving SFTP. Copying files from the SFTP to any source I setup (regular FTP, Google Drive) all ended in failure. Copying to the SFTP also ended up in failure. I tried the Copy To function but it still failed.

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