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google photo thumbnails

I have just discovered MultCloud, and was hoping to use it to sort out the mess that is my work and personal google photos...
on my Android phone, the primary account is my work google. therefore everytime i take a photo it goes to my work google photos. i therefore have a messy mixture of work and personal photos that i would like to separate out between my two google accounts.  
Google dont appear to make it at all easy for moving photos between accounts (they want you to muck around sharing the photos, then logging on to the other account, connecting to the shared folder and copying them over - abysmal design)
i was really hoping that MultCloud would somehow make this easier. but i found that i am presented with a list of filenames... i have literally thousands of photos to separate out, so it would take a lifetime trying to work out each photo individually by filename.

is it at all possible to list all photos with a thumbnail of the image, so that batches of personal photos could be selected and transfered easily??



  • @Rob166, MultCloud currently doesn't support thumbnails. We will add the feature in the future.
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