How to grab file from Shared * Box * Links?


When someone shares a Box link with me, how am I supposed to get that directly either into my Box account, or to another cloud storage service?


PS - Please don't mention the 'db' word in here, don't want to mire people's searches. :weary:


  • After you open the shared link, you will see there is a "Transfer to my cloud" button. You can transfer the files to your account directly by clicking the button. If you don't see this button, you can try to open the shared link through the incognito window.

  • Hello, I'm afraid that I don't see that option. In fact, I have never seen Multcloud look like the image that you are sharing.

    I've looked around the multcloud interface and it does not show:

    I've also looked around the box interface, and it does not show there, either.

    The link looks something like this:
    (that's made up)

    This is how the open link looks in the browser:

    Here's the box interface on a wider resolution:

    What's that screen that you're looking at, it looks more advanced.
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