Google Photos - Failed to list files

I can't seem to get Google Photos working at all. Getting the following error "Failed to list files". Have tried re-adding it and get the same issue.


  • @Davidg124, sorry for the inconvenience. We are applying for more quotas from Google to resolve this problem. Please retry it next week.
  • Thanks - will try again then.
  • Hi Davidg124. I've had the same problem since January to the present time. Google Photos is my main back up for my Flickr and I've raised it with the Multcloud people several times in the last couple of months and unfortunately the problem remains unresolved. Googling the problem shows that it has something to do with some new application programming interface (API) that Google Photos has introduced. I was just about to pay for another year of Multcloud so was lucky I didn't go ahead with it. Hopefully Multcloud will fix it soon otherwise I'll be gone for good to another service.
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