Flickr to Google Drive

Attempting to transfer 26,000 photos if not more.    I am on day three here and it seems to have stopped or has paused. 

Im sitting here wondering it just seems to be stuck.   I have not gone over the quota of the data transfer and there are no errors in the error list. 

Should I give up ? 

Transferring : IMG1503715022.jpg ... (0%)

Files processed: 5773/26381

Data processed: 14.9GB/0.0KB

Start time: 2017-07-06 00:05:07

Remaining time:

Progress: 21.88%

Current Rate: 0.0KB/s

Avg.Rate: 54.7KB/s

Elapsed time: 3d 8h 12m 30s


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    Attempted to do the same, only to find it is actually any service transmission that is to or from Flickr will stay stuck not transferring. Doesn't matter if it's more than a couple thousand or just a dozen files in a folder/album, it'll just stay stuck. 

  • flickr works for me now. thanks!

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