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Sync Server Drive with Google Team Drive?

Good Evening,

I have a Windows 2012 Server in our office and share locally a 1TB HD that we simply call “F Drive” with my team.

We currently use Google Apps (G Suite) and wanted to sync this “F Drive” with Google Drive Stream but I’ve been told they do not support Windows Server. My hope was that I could sync this “F” drive with a Google Team Drive and then when users were on the road, they could have simple access to it. When they were local they could connect via the LAN as they do currently.

Is there a way to use your product to continuously sync this drive with the Google Team Drive from the Windows 2012 Server?

Any best practice advice on how to do this would be awesome!



  • I am sorry MultCloud does not support Google Team Drive at present so it can not meet your requirements.
  • Is there any update about the Google Team Drive problem? because I'm interested too.
  • @Wachimir, we are going to develop it but I do not know when it will be added because I am not in Development Department so I do not know their plan.

  • Another huge vote for Team Drive support.  Since it is unlimited, I would have immediately signed up for the Multcloud unlimited plan had it been available.
  • @mynamehear, thank you for your support and I have reported it to our development team  to develop it. It would be added soon if they can develop it.
  • Hello, Team Drives have been out for over a year. Why is this not working with multcloud yet?
  • @tschwartz Like I said in my  previous reply, as long as our developers develop it, then it would be added soon.

  • Well is it still under development? I need it badly!
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