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Question on large transfer from dropbox to onedrive

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I'm transferring most of my dropbox files to onedrive.  I already started the transfer by selecting all folder and copy to onedrive.  How does this process work?  Is it stored somewhere in your queue? 

I ask because it is several GB and do not know if I have to stay logged in to multcloud for the transfer to complete or is the process running in the background somewhere on your server so that I can shut down my PC?



  • Hello,

    I just discovered MultiCloud and the above question. Based on what I read, if I start a move from one Skydrive Account to another and click the Background tab, the transfer will happen using your servers?

    More specifically, if I use MultiCloud and want to transfer a large amount of data between OneDrive accounts, it will not downlod the data to my computer first, then upload it to the second OneDrive account? The transfer will happen in "The Cloud" so my PC can be shutdown and my ISP won't send me nasty letters about data usage?



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