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Google Cloud Platform bucket support

I am trying to copy files from Google Drive to Google Cloud Platform buckets, but I can only find Amazon buckets - it would be great to support Google storage buckets too! (as the only way to move files GD->GCP bucket is programmatically).

Keep up the great integration!



  • Hello, we record your suggestion and will submit it to our development team to see if they can develop it or not. Let's see it will be added soon.
  • This would be a great integration.  GCP Storage pricing, especially their COLDLINE and ARCHIVE storage actually has me wanting to move some of my operations in that direction (plus I am pretty happy with upload speeds into a GCP bucket!)

    Having Mutlcloud working with this as the front end would be a DREAM, especially for migrations!  
  • Hi
    Any news about this integration? I just bought MultiCloud Lifetime after saw one of the pages taking about Google Cloud transfers, but only just after buying I realized that it was about google drive, Photos and workspace.

  • @Rbaralti, MultCloud currently doesn't support the Google Cloud Platform bucket. 
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