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Is Multicloud a 'Pointer' or a 'Pipe' (re moving files...)

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Hello - 

Can someone clarify for me: does Multicloud operate like a 'pointer', ie., telling my website to FTP its contents autonomously to Onedrive, for instance without any intervention from my own local internet - or is it like a 'pipe', that is, content from my website travels through multicloud (through my own local internet connection) then back up to Onedrive?  

Reason I ask is because my internet connection isnt'always so robust, nor is it always connected - which would break the 'pipe', right? But if it acts like a pointer, then it's just admining instructions to FTP and Onedrive, but not actually handling data - no?

In short, I don't want 100GB to be travvelling through my local internet connection everytime I want to back up from one location to another... would prefer it to be routed directly from source to source, bypassing my own connection. 

[hope that's the case - someone pls clarify and confirm tho kindly]

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