A Fan with a few Questions!

Tidings to the mCloud!

Just hooked my account last night and am impressed greatly with the service. I'm diggin' the the multiple cloud access points and ability to move files between with ease. With only 12 hours of usage, there are a few things that would be great to see. Lastly, your service has potential for cannot live without... start billing annually and let the dev fly and sign me up... then let me know when you IPO up so I can invest image

1. Application support for Mac, IOS, Windows, Android - who wouldn't love the access from a single point, in addition to ease of use?

2. Not only just resume transmission in the event you close a tab, scheduled transfers on custom schedule - every 2a on M W Sat, copy or move from folder A to B

3. Show Free Space on titled storage on Right Hand Column

4. Email files in with rules - assign users email at MultiCloud - create rules in dashboard, files received from email [email protected] download to dropbox/folder1/folder2, etc, etc

5. text files to multcloud with options

5. Built in security options - encrypt and share, setup secure containers for file storage, etc. True data scrub software - if a user wants to delete something, it's gone forever with no backup of backup in cloud - perhaps all volumes mounted are secured by multcloud prior to usage on first setup with no keys in actual cloud service

6. Camera upload feature - similar to dropbox and onedrive, built into multicloud app with rules - ipad123 uploads to dropbox, iphone456 to onedrive

7. Can file management be viewed like desktop icons vs list?

8. Rather than managing individual cloud services, can you create utility that would create single volume spanned across all clouds and managed seamlessly through multicloud? Treat this as volume on local machine with xxxxxxTB of storage.

9. Backup features

10. options for other color schemes for console

11. Dowload torrents directly to multcloud address to cloud service

12. charge me monthly or annually for this service - with all of the cloud storage popping up, you guys are the next future in managing those services

13. Can I sign up for other cloud services directly through multcloud? If so and you carry all options for free storage from clouds, what is max storage available? Tie this in to #8 and #1.

14. You guys rock! Keep up the good work! 


  • It is possible to have a choice for a list of all items in a specific folder or a preview of all docs/pictures/etc? Like your no-good competitor JoliDrive has just made?)

    Liking your application very, very much!!

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