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bug report : mega.co.nz:80 failed to respond

hello, i keep receiving this error
mega.co.nz:80 failed to respond
although my mega.nz account is new created and has not upload anything yet (so i guess it's not by the limit problem)
please take a look at it


  • Based on this case,would you please let me know where you got this error?When transferring files? If so,what's your source cloud and target cloud?Please provide your MultCloud email address to us so we can analyze it.
  • hello, i just send you the info of my account and detailed error through private message,can you please take a look
    thank you :)
  • Hi, I have the same issue for around 10 days now.
    Error messages: random-10-number-string.userstorage.mega.co.nz:80 failed to respond

    MediaFire -> Mega
    One-way Sync + Simply Sync

    It has been working great up until 10 days ago and 60 GB transfer, over 10 month period.
  • @Nilex and @nadalzkz Our developer made changes for his codes,please retry it.
  • Pat the dev on the back - it's working again :)
    Thank you both for a quick fix!
  • Thank you very much , i really appreciate it
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