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How to transfer files and preserve dates?


I'm a new Premium customer, just signed up, and I'm trying to backup my Google Photos (within Google Drive) to my Amazon Drive account while preserving the original dates of my photos / videos.

I just ran a Cloud Transfer task to do this but none of the dates were preserved. The backup files on Amazon all have new Creation and Modification dates.

How do I run a backup and preserve the dates? I didn't see it as a Task option.

Or is this an option with Sync?

Thank you,

Chris Higgins


  • Update: I just tried a simple One Way Sync and the same thing occurs, it doesn't preserve file dates.

    So that's a problem. Any solution?
  • I am sorry that when you use MultCloud to transfer data from one cloud to another cloud,then date would be changed to current time and we are unable to preserve it.Your understanding would be much appreciated.
  • I appreciate your reply. That's unfortunate, as it makes MultCloud unusable for me, and I would think, for many others. I hope you offer that ability in the near future.
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