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SyncBackSE with google drive mapped to windows explorer

Hi all,

I have my Google Drive storage space mapped as a path in Windows explorer using the Google Drive windows app I have a profile in SyncBack set to backup local files on my hard drive to the path in Windows explorer that links to my Google Drive. Every time I run my SyncBack profile, some of the files fail to sync. The Google Drive app only displays: "Upload Error - an unknown issue has occurred". These errors never occur if I manually copy files from windows to the Google Drive folder in Windows explorer, so I'm pretty sure the problem is with SyncBack.

Is what I'm trying to do officially supported? Should it work? It seems like it would be no different than backing up to a network hard drive.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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  • Hi,I know your problem but I am sorry did you sync files from Google drive to SyncBack via MultCloud,right?? If so,would you please provide your MultCloud email address to us so that we can analyze this problem?
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