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google g suite drive to amazon drive: cloud transfer bounces out and restarts

My cloud transfer proceeded for 2 days then the transfer stopped and restarted automatically from the beginning once more - a bit frustrating - did multcloud restart the servers or can I expect this malfunction to recurr - with thanks. Erroneous restart occurred within the last 1 1/2 days


  • Hi,based on this case,I would like to know what transfer way you selected? Cloud transfer or Cloud sync? Your task displays "failure" now? Please provide your MultCloud email address to our support@multcloud so we can analyze it.
  • Actually cloud transfer. Yes my task displays "failure" (Transfer Task: Task 30). My email address for my account is [email protected]. Also there are a lot of files that failed with the error "The file name is already existed" from within Task 30 (i.e. >200) - I don't know how to get so many failed files across from google drive to amazon drive (all Task 30) - thanks
  • Yes,I find same error message in our log system and I know that you transferred files from Gsuite to Amazon.Please confirm if these files already are in Amazon.For Amazon,it does not support these files with same file names.
  • yes the message "The file name already existed" is not a failure. The files are in Amazon, renamed. Why did the transfer bounce out? thanks
  • For Amazon,it does not support these files with same file names,so you received that message and it's not MultCloud's limit.Based on this case,you need to rename them so transfer can run.
  • may I suggest that as a minimum you don't restart your server(s). I for one have some very large transfers in progress - thanks for your support
  • Ususally we would not restart our servers,however if there is something going wrong,then we have to resolve it so we have to restart our servers.
  • my rate of transfer has increased 10 fold - so if you have done something then thanks !
  • Sync Task: Task 73 has bounced out - have had to restart again :worried: I have not been able to sync all my files yet - please would you help - thanks
  • rate of transfer/syncing has reduced to a very slow speed again, aswell
  • Based on this case,please email to [email protected] so that we can analyze your problem.
  • have just done this - thanks
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