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Which sync method will update only the files that are missing from the target directory?

So I am syncing 1994 files from my Amazon Drive to an FTP site. I am currently using "Mirror Sync" but I am only doing so because Multcloud has errors with some of the files not syncing (quite a lot of them don't, actually). So which method would I use to only add the files that are missing from the target directory?

So what I am looking for is a sync that scans the "from" directory and the "to" directory and finds any missing files from the "to" directory and adds them from the "from" directory without altering any files that are in both directories (unless they have mismatched filesizes).


  • Based on this case,please use "simple sync".For "simple sync" function,it can recognize these files in your source folder that are different from your destination folder and sync them into it.
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    When I tried to copy the entire folder containing those files using just the cloud explorer it ended up syncing them but there were several in the target directory that were 0 bytes. Would the simple sync update files with different file sizes?
  • That is to say transfer process was complete but several files in target directory showed 0 bytes,right? If yes,please provide screenshot about these files showed in target directory to us so we can analyze it.Besides,I would like to confirm how large for each file before transferring them to target directory.
  • The files range from 3mb to 160mb and are all zips.
    I've been trying different methods including selecting the folder that they're in on Amazon and pasting it to my FTP server. This creates the directory and starts copying and it gets to around 25% then has a lot of error files, all the listed error files are added but are 0 bytes in size. I try to do it again and it instantly finishes because those file names already exist. If it would overwrite any files that are different in size, that's exactly what I need. Otherwise I'm not sure how to copy all of these to my FTP server from my Amazon Drive.
  • Based on this case,I would like to confirm that these files in your source folder that already exists in your destination folder? If yes,then MultCloud would not transfer them again.
  • The files in the source folder exist. When it moves them to the destination folder, many of them are simply the same name as the file but not the full file. All the files are 3MB or higher, but when they sync there are many empty files.
  • What kind of files are they?Please provide screenshot for these files in your destination folder and also in your source folder to us so we can analyze it.
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