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problems mega to drive

Friends, please help me. I need to send files from mega to drive and It does not send anything.

Please help me.

Sorry for my english, I from Peru and only talk spanish. Thanks a lot


  • Mega is limiting the download quota to free account users. So, get something around 5GB every 7-8 hours for the same IP.


  • I am sorry but this makes no sense to me. Please correct me if I am wrong but when I remote upload from mega to google drive, this isn't done with my IP.
    We are talking about the IP that multcloud uses. So it seems that multcloud is not using premium mega accounts for this process.
    That's why we all get errors all the time when we try to remote upload from mega to anything.
    Multcloud has to get premium mega accounts for this process, not me.
    It's really disappointing for a paid service not having premium accounts for this process when even FREE services like mega-debrit.com works all the time and creates direct links from mega because it is uses mega.nz api and legal premium accounts to provide high bandwidth transfer usage.
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