Transfer stalled?

edited June 2017 in Seek Help

There are 8 files left to transfer and it has been that way for several hours although it says remaining time 4s.

Files processed: 12642/12651

Data processed: 180.1MB/180.1MB

Start time: 2017-06-05 16:33:49

Remaining time: 4s

Progress: 99.92%

Current Rate: 0.0KB/s

Avg.Rate: 2.9KB/s

Elapsed time: 20h 57m 16s

Is there a way to get the transfer going again?



  • Refreshing the page didn't do anything.  I cancelled the task.  Could not find the  "Directly skip the file, don't transfer it”option.   I redid the download for the files that stalled the previous transfer.

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