Cloud transfer or sync between Flickr accounts fails

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I have successfully added two separate Flickr accounts, and wish to transfer/copy or sync albums/collections from FlickrA to FlickrB.  So I go to the "Cloud Transfer" and choose From:FlickrA/Albums and then To:FlickrB/Albums and it Fails...?  What am I doing wrong?  I want the photos and albums to be the same on both. Right now FlickrA has all the photos, and FlickrB is empty.



  • Thanks for fast reply.  I think I got it to transfer the photos, but they did not duplicate the albums from FlickrA to FlickrB.  I did a "sync" specifying "FlickrA" as the source and "FlickrB/Albums" as the destination.  So the photos were copied into the FlickrB Camera Roll, but the Albums did not copy over the same.  I could not get it to do folders on A to create same folders on B.

    Happy to try again, if there is a way to keep the folders on destination the same.


  • No, what I meant was the "albums" on FlickrA did not get duplicated on FlickrB.  FlickrB now has all the photos in the photostream, but I will have to manually recreate the "albums" on FlickrB and add the photos to each.  I was hoping Multicloud would be able to reproduce the album structure on FlickrB.


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