Some improvement suggestions

Hello there, 

Here are some suggestions of development that come to my mind:

. Viewing the total space of each cloud and the space occupied (or remaining) 

. In the same idea: viewing the cumulative space of all clouds (some graphic ?) 

. Possibility to sorting the columns (Search) 

. Having a cumulative view of all clouds (A bit like Windows apps Cumulo)

. Possibility to change the view: list, folder, detailed...

. More documents type preview

Et voila! That's all for now.



  • I second JeromeLaurent's suggestions related to showing the amount stored with each cloud service, especially the idea of xxx of xxx (or space remaining).

    I'd suggest taking it one step further, using MultiCloud as the sync tool, and let MultiCloud determine where to store the synced file.  Maybe including settings related to frequency of access to that file (a backup, opposed to a shared photo, opposed to a collaborative file), along with a setting by cloud service, of how much space to use - say to use 50% of Dropbox, but 95% of Box

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