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FTP to Amazon S3 - metadata issue

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I planned to use multcloud to sync our website to Amazon S3 on a daily basis. I have enabled S3 to serve like a webhosting service. If this would work I could repoint our domain to S3 in case of any issues and we would have our backup online within seconds. However multcloud doesn't seem to recognise Amazon S3 metadata. As a result any browser does not open the website from S3 but downloads it instead. I found that this is caused by the metadata of the files.

If I upload the files myself to S3 the metadata of the html files is: Content-Type - text/html

If I use multcloud to transfer the same html file from our FTP sever to S3 the metadata of the html file is: Content-Type -  application/octet-stream

Does anyone know how to make this work?? Because that would be the dream backup solution.



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