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hubic 5gb filesize limit

hello, when i transfer file to hubic cloud it says that "hubiC does not support the transmission of a single file greater than 5GB."

is it possible to solve this issue ? because hubic does not have file size limit, 5gb is the size limit when using web browser to transfer

thanks alot


  • Hi, it seems, that the issue described above hasn't been fixed until now. But there's a second problem in this context.
    When I use the cloud-transfer-function no error message appears, although the files greater 5 GB aren't copied. That's a little bit confusing.
    The error message only appears when using the synchronizing feature.
    But however - there's no need for the filesize limitation and it should be fixed.
  • @Hermann,@nadalzkz,for 5 GB file size limit,it is not MultCloud's limit.It's limit of Hubic when third party service calls API of Hubic.For more detailed info,please refer to this link:https://developer.openstack.org/api-ref/object-store/
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