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can you please add support degoo.com

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Hello, thanks for the awesome service,

can you please add support degoo.com



  • can you please add degoo.com...

    when will you add this feature degoo.com..??

  • Yeah, +1 on Degoo; if it's possible, would be really cool.
  • I am sorry that MultCloud does not support it at present.I record it and will submit it to development team to add it.Once we obtain its API from its official website we will try our best to add it in MultCloud's cloud list.
  • Another for Degoo. Any updates on adding since last year's Post. Thanks
  • @Higgybees, When developing it, we need to use the API provided by Degoo's official website and if it does not provide to the third party service like MultCloud, then we cannot develop.
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