new cloud providers, sync client, new features

new cloud providers

Amazon Cloud Drive (this is not Amazon S3)


sync client

- a client for windows, linux, mac (sync files from platform to a selectable cloud [as default] and then sync to the other linked clouds)

- a client for android, ios, windows phone to upload photos, videos and manage settings, cloud provider etc.

new features

- same login for and

(dont know if this 2 different logins are a security feature)

- multi-factor account protection

+--- password

+--- authentication email code

+--- long captcha with two or three words

+--- linked computer or device names to multcloud account

+--- linked locations for computers, devices

+--- linked facebook, google, amazon, twitter or microsoft accounts

+--- a athentificator app, maybe the app from google

- other security features

- alert if password for different cloud providers are the same

- alert if a password for a cloud provider insecure

- email alert

+--- for new linked computer or devices

+--- for new linked accounts

+--- if a unknown computer, device or account identified

+--- if a linked cloud storage is offline

+--- if a linked cloud storage full or nearly full

+--- if a linked cloud storage return access errors


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